Death from Above with The Beaches

November 20 @ 8 pm   |  The Showbox  |  $$25.75 Advance/$28.75 Day of Show (not including fees)

Motion predicates progression.

Death From Above certainly kept moving on their third full-length album, Outrage! Is Now (Last Gang Records/Warner Bros. Records). While gleefully maintaining the car-wreck intensity of their punkified disco rock, the hooks got hookier, the weirdness got weirder, and the wildness got, well, wilder. The mustached merchants of death dance discord-Sebastien Grainger (vocals, drums) and Jesse F. Keeler (bass, keys, synths)-made a collective decision to embrace their own penchant for perpetual motion and cooked up the perfect soundtrack to Armageddon’s dancefloor.

Ultimately, Outrage! Is Now confidently kicks off a new chapter for Death From Above.
“I hope fans see the progression,” Jesse leaves off. “This record is very much the result of the environment and experiences of the last five years. I can hear everything we’ve been through. This weird resolve builds up as you keep facing different circumstances. If we didn’t have struggle, life would be really boring. Now that it’s all done, I enjoy it.”

“It’s meant to be felt and stimulate you on an emotional level,” concludes Sebastien. “We tried to make something that excites and surprises us. My journey is that of enlightenment all the time and seeking some form of truth. There’s enough fiction in the world. We’re not going to tell you what to believe. That’s up to you.”


The Showbox
1426 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101


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