How can cannabis improve your workout?

After word of a “cannabis gym” opening up in San Francisco, there has been a considerable buzz on how exactly the gym will combine the two to complement each other.

Avitas launches PAX Era vaporizer pods

Avitas Agriculture, Inc. has launched the PAX® Era vaporizer pods at partner stores throughout the state of Washington.

Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act And The Battle Over Legal Weed

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker announced legislation Aug. 1 that would remove marijuana from the federal scheduling system, essentially legalizing it across the country.

CannaNews Podcast

Grassworks Digital

Grassworks Digital founder Ryan Porter visits in this episode to explain how the industry can grow with technology and social media.

Pearl Extracts

Capturing the effects of your favorite flower in an oil cartridge is as much art as it is science.

Budtender Picks II

Our panel of budtenders offer great selections of flower, concentrates and edibles.

Budtender Picks I

A panel of veteran budtenders tell us about the most popular products, and a few best-kept secrets.

Artizen Cannabis

A thought-provoking discussion about the legal cannabis business with Artizen co-owner Timothy Foia.

Soulshine Cannabis

Soulshine Cannabis prides itself on giving back, particularly its support of abused and neglected pets.


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