Seattle Alternative 2.0 debuts this fall

By on Thursday, July 20th, 2017 in Station News | No Comments


Nearly a year in the making, the new version of Seattle Alternative will debut this fall.

While Seattle Alternative 2.0 features a fresh design, content and new functionality, we’re also enhancing security and privacy protection for members of our online community.

You’ll also find expanded content, with more local news and feature stories as well as opinion pieces. Categories and their content will evolve as well; #TheResistance will be refreshed as a hub of information for progressive political action.

Meanwhile, the station will continue featuring audio content from local music artists and podcasters, with new artists and shows coming in the fall.

As Seattle Alternative 2.0 is developed, we encourage podcasters, contributors and musicians to get involved. Artists can submit music to us online. Podcasters, contributors and musicians can contact us for more information.

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