Is this what the cannabis consumer looks like?

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1_The_New_Cannabis_Consumer_-_Upscale_Purchasers_highresA new class of consumers is reshaping the cannabis culture, and they defy the “stoner stereotype,” according to research from a New York-based consulting firm.

Miner and Co. Studio surveyed 800 cannabis consumers and found 88% consider themselves part of a new cannabis culture – identifying as social, sophisticated and professional individuals.

Based on survey responses, these consumers are:

  • 30 years old on average
  • 65% male; 35% female
  • 65% have a household income of $75K or more
  • 84% employed full-time
  • 63% married or living with a significant other
  • 42% parents of children < 18
  • 49% Democrat; 45% Republican

The overwhelming majority use cannabis to enhance their daily and social experiences, with 95% preferring a high that allows them to be more attentive and less than 1 in 3 wanting to feel “stoned.” Notably, 9 in 10 say they include cannabis as part of their wellness program alongside diet and exercise.

2_Brand_and_Packaging_-_Cannabis_Consumer_highresThe survey also underscored the importance of branding and publicity for cannabis businesses.  For the vast majority of respondents — 80% — attractive packaging is important in their purchasing decision. Six in 10 say that a celebrity association is at least somewhat important to them when choosing to try a new cannabis brand. Over 90% of those surveyed adopt brands based on flavor, taste and the type of high.

Original source: Business Wire

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